At Electrify My Home, we want to help as many homeowners begin their journey to electrification as possible. In order to offer a truly affordable and flexible path towards an all-electric home that allows you to take it at your own pace, we offer financing options to spread out the cost of your project over time. 

Two Ways To Finance Your All Electric Home

We have carefully chosen trusted financial lenders to make sure you receive the best financing option to fit your project and budget. Please beware of some financiers, which can seem attractive at the onset (e.g., 0% offers), but ultimately charge excessive fees and points, thereby ballooning the total expense incurred over time. 

Go Green Financing 

Because Electrify My Home only installs the most energy efficient systems, our jobs qualify for Go Green Financing. This program is administered by the State of California with support from the investor-owned utilities. GoGreen Home facilitates financing up to $50,000 for energy retrofits for qualifying properties. With zero fees or closing costs, and some of the best rates available, GoGreen Home can help you save money on energy bills while building more comfort and value in your home.

Added bonus: up to 30% of your loan can be used to fund other related home improvements, such as installing landscaping, water-savings measures or even cabinetry.

Travis Credit Union

Through our partnership with Vacaville-based Travis Credit Union, you can spread out the cost of your home improvements with:

  • No fees
  • 6.99% Simple Interest
  • 10 year loans for up to $14,999
  • 15 year loans for $15,000+

PACE Financing

Property Assessed Clean Energy financing is a program that offers access to 100% of the upfront costs of your project, with fixed low interest rates and payments that are made as an additional line item on your property tax bill. Through our PACE provider, your financing is based on the current assessed value of your home, and comes with:

  • 6.99% financing for 5 year loans (with fees)
  • 7.99% financing for up to 25 year loans (with fees)

Put Your Energy Savings to Work

By improving the overall efficiency of your home through insulation upgrades and air sealing, installing equipment that is much more efficient than your outdated or failing equipment, and doing away with natural gas prices, the savings you see on your utility bills can help decrease the payback period of your home improvement financing.

We are here to help you plan for an environmentally friendly, energy-code-compliant future, all at a pace that works for your home comfort needs and your budget.

Set your home up for success with electrification.

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