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All this fuss about the all electric home — so what's the big deal? As long as the water in your shower is hot, the air coming out of your air conditioner is cold, and the tea kettle on your stove is boiling, what does it matter which fuel(s) are used to keep your home comfortable and clean?

There are many more benefits to converting all of your home appliances to more efficient, all-electric equipment — some of them you may not have thought of, including:

  • Future energy code compliance
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Increased home safety
  • Future integration with residential solar

The Future of Energy in California

The most prescient reason to go electric is that you’re probably going to have to, eventually. Over 20 of California’s jurisdictions have banned natural gas in new construction, and if the state is going to reach its goal of operating at 40% below the carbon emission levels of 1990, more homes and businesses are going to need to leave fossil fuels behind to reduce California’s impact on the environment. 

Decarbonization legislation is already here, so when your natural gas furnace breaks down, why would you replace it with a similar model that will just be obsolete within the decade? Taking (even small) steps towards electrification now will save you time and money in the future.

One Clean Source of Energy

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in 2018, California ranked first in the nation as a producer of electricity from solar, geothermal, and biomass resources, and fourth in the nation in conventional hydroelectric power generation. As California moves toward one of the cleanest grids in the nation, the most environmentally friendly option for powering all of the appliances in your home will be electricity. 

A Safer Home

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but the fewer combustion based appliances in your home, the lower your risk of unexpected fire and carbon monoxide exposure. This holds true for the natural gas water heaters and furnaces hidden in the dark and protected corners of your home, but it is especially true for the appliance you use every day, in plain sight (and reach) of all of your family members: the oven range. 

Induction stoves offer significant safety upgrades over gas oven ranges, as well as other electric models. An induction stove is not hot to the touch, and uses an electromagnetic field to provide heat to the proper cookware. Induction stoves also offer faster boiling times and greater efficiency. 

Is Solar in Your Future?

Not only is California saying “goodbye” to natural gas, we are also saying “hello” to solar. As of this year (2020), all newly built homes are required to include solar panels. This may not mean anything for your existing home, yet. But as California continues to deal with the frustrations of planned safety power shutoffs (PSPS) in the wake of increasing wildfire threats, more and more homeowners are taking the initiative to install solar plus storage systems on their homes to keep the lights on during an outage. 

You Don’t Have to Go All Electric All at Once

Here at Electrify My Home, we are your electrification ally from beginning to end. But we know not every homeowner is ready for an immediate whole-home overhaul. Our unique process allows you to convert to all-electric appliances at your own pace. So whether you just need to replace your furnace, or you are looking for a renewable solution to charging your electric vehicle, Electrify My Home is here to help. 

Is your home ready for the California energy codes of the near future?

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