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Looking for a replacement for your gas-powered heating?

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Number of California jurisdictions banning natural gas in new construction

4 tonsper person

The carbon reduction goal California has set to achieve by 2030

560million tons

Amount of carbon emissions from fossil fuel heating in the US.

Ready to replace your failing gas furnace?

If your furnace is:

  • More than ten years old
  • Breaking down more than twice in the past year
  • Continually increasing your energy bills

If this is the case for you then it’s time to replace your outdated furnace! And if you are going to replace your furnace, why replace it with another gas-fueled unit that is going to be obsolete within the decade (or sooner)?

Time for Furnace Replacement? Go Electric!

As California energy codes are calling for no more new gas lines to be installed, the days of the gas furnace are numbered. If you are considering upgrading to a new furnace, now is the perfect time to start the electrification of your home appliances by installing heating equipment that relies on the efficient use of electricity instead of fossil fuels. 

The benefits of replacing your furnace with an all electric alternative include:

  • Protection from unpredictable natural gas prices

  • More efficient operation
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Increased control over your home comfort

Replacing your gas furnace with an electric furnace will save you more than a few headaches, and save you money! Call Electrify My Home today at 844.637.3733 or get in touch here.

What Makes A Heat Pump or Mini Split
More Efficient Than A Traditional Gas Furnace?