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One of the pivotal aspects of an all-electric home is the heating and cooling equipment you depend on to keep your home comfortable during the foggy Bay Area winters, and blazing dry summers.

When it comes to efficient, all-electric home comfort technology, heat pumps and ductless mini-splits are the go-to solution for versatile heating and cooling. Electrify My Home has over 35 years of experience in the HVAC-industry, and we specialize in pairing our customers with the optimally-sized heat pump or mini-split, and combining heat pumps with other all-electric products such as heat pump water heaters, smart thermostats, and induction stoves.

How Heat Pump Technology Works

Key Benefits of Heat Pumps

There are two benefits of heat pumps and mini-splits that make them well-suited for all-electric homes:

  1. The ability to provide both hot and cold air
  2. Ultra-efficient operation without the use of fossil-fuels

How can a heat pump do this? By transferring heat where you want it. In the summertime, heat begins to build-up inside of your home. Heat pumps capture the heat inside your home and send it back outside via an environmentally-friendly refrigerant line, leaving cool air inside your home. 

During the colder months, this process is reversed. Even in sub-freezing temperatures, a heat pump can isolate and extract heat from the outside air, and send it into your living space. This is done with no loss in energy, since refrigerant lines are far less prone to leakage compared to traditional ductwork.&nbsp

Finding the Right Heat Pump or Mini-Split

One of the keys to lasting success when it comes to replacing outdated heating and cooling equipment with all-electric technology is proper sizing. Using the tried and true methods of air flow measurements and calculating your home’s heating and cooling load, we can find the right mini-split or heat pump to save you money while creating a more comfortable, cleaner, and safer home for your family year-round. 

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