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Did you know that heating and cooling have been estimated to account for 47.7% of all energy use among homes in the US? This is the combined energy of both electric air conditioners and fossil fuel powered combustion furnaces.

So as California moves forward towards their carbon reduction goals of the future, how is it that homeowners can efficiently, and reliably, keep their homes comfortable while using heating and cooling equipment that utilizes clean electricity?

The Rise in Heat Pump Technology

At Electrify My Home, our experts have spent over 35 years in the HVAC industry, and have seen the rise in efficient heat pump technology. Though the concept behind heat pumps and mini splits has been around for decades, it is now being applied in nearly every facet of home comfort, so that homeowners can keep their living space at the perfect temperature while using exclusively electricity (and less of it).

Heat pump technology provides many benefits, including:

  • Versatile home comfort (both heating and cooling)

  • Greater energy efficiency

  • Targeted, room-by-room installation

  • Whisper quiet operation

  • An increase in indoor air quality

  • Integration with smart thermostats

Efficiency That is Both Hot and Cold

All electric heating and cooling technology, like heat pumps and ductless mini splits, transfer heat instead of creating it, like other heating and cooling equipment. For example, on a hot summer day here in Fairfield or in the hills of Napa, the heat begins to build up in your home. A heat pump takes that heat, and efficiently sends it back outdoors where it belongs. This leaves only the cool air to remain in your home (this is actually how your refrigerator works, too).

Then in the winter time, when your living space has cooled down to the point of feeling a bit chilly, a heat pump will find the bits of heat that exist in the outside air, and efficiently collect it to send indoors to warm up the air in your home. It may seem like magic, but a heat pump or mini split can find heat even in sub-freezing temperatures, well below Fairfield’s record low temperature of 17ºF.

A Comprehensive Plan for Efficient, Electric Comfort

At Electrify My Home, we keep your entire home in mind with every step toward electrification. In order to make sure you get the most out of your new heating and cooling equipment, we can boost your home’s performance through insulation and air sealing upgrades. Then, using our tried and tested load calculations, we can properly assess your heating and cooling load to pair you with the perfect heat pump or mini split for your needs. 

From there, we will outline a future plan for how to best convert any and all necessary appliances to electric, including heat pump water heaters, heat pump dryers, and induction stoves. We can even include solar or solar + battery installation in your path towards electrification! Whatever the case, you lead the way, and tell us how you would like to take it at your own pace.

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